Final Cut Pro X商业广告宣传片剪辑教程Lynda – Commercial Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro X

2014.12.8 FCPX教程 2550




苹果电脑上独有的Final Cut Pro X剪辑软件被越来越多的人熟知和喜爱,

这款优秀的剪辑软件不要觉得很它很奇怪,当你熟知了这款软件后,你会觉得软件在功能上很大程度优化了和规律了剪辑效率(大脸拙见,如果不认同可以一笑而过 *_*)

商业广告宣传片的剪辑一向是具有挑战性的工作,在这期教程中 Ashley Kennedy  女老师从一个30秒的广告制作实力全面的讲解了软件和理念,

从商业片概念,粗剪,精简,转场,特效,细节调整和调色 制作出相当专业的项目,




Lynda – Commercial Editing Techniques with Final Cut Pro X

Editing a concise and captivating, effects-driven commercial spot is a challenging and exciting endeavor. Every single moment counts. In this course Ashley Kennedy walks through the process of building a great 30-second spot, from assessing preproduction materials to delivery to the client. She examines the audience for the commercial, the timing and pacing of the rough cut, transitions and effects, and the final details like color correction that make your project look professional. Along the way, Ashley encounters and resolves creative and technical problems editors often face in the real world.



What is commercial editing?  什么是商业片?

Understanding the product's audience and intent   了解影片目的和面对群体

Marking the best shots    粗剪(标记镜头)

Laying out the visual structure   搭建影片机构

Building an audio foundation   音频初略搭建

Manipulating speed   控制速度

Adding transition effects   添加转场效果

Adding graphics, music, and voice-over   添加图形效果,音乐和声音

Delivering the project and receiving feedback   工程审核



00 Introduction  教程介绍

01 Forming a Plan    构建一个项目

02 Organizing and Assembling the Rough Cut   素材组织和剪辑

03 Working with Effects  添加特效

04 Finishing and Delivery    项目审核

05 Conclusion   教程总结



教程时长 1小时55分钟,中等级别,



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