Mac完整版:达芬奇专业调色软件破解版 DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5.3+easyDCP 支持4K 可降噪

2016.10.30 FCPX软件/音乐视频素材 1061


DaVinci Resolve 12.5.3 正式版,

提供专业剪辑、多机位、音频插件、3D Keyer、3D跟踪器等功能

现在 DaVinci Resolve 12 版本为之前的 Lite 免费版

专业版的名称更新为 DaVinci Resolve Studio



What’s New in Version 12.5.3 新版更新:
•Added support for Final Cut Pro X XML Version 1.6
•Added support for PostgreSQL 9.5.2 on macOS
•Added support for ACEScct color science
•Updated ACES support from ACES 1.0.0 to ACES 1.0.2
•Improved performance when encoding to MXF XAVC
•Improved importing of Flip and Flop from AAFs from Media Composer
•Improved importing of Dip to Color dissolves from AAFs from Media Composer
•Improved Dolby Vision XML export
•Addressed an issue with FCPXML transforms for Multicam not getting imported correctly
•Addressed an issue where all tracks in the keyframe group get highlighted when switching between them
•Addressed an issue with reading Drop Frame timecode from some Sony camera files
•Addressed an issue with jagged edges when decoding YUV 422 clips
•Addressed an issue where project level Data Burn Ins do not get saved
•Addressed an issue where syncing audio based on timecode would lead to incorrect results
•Addressed an issue where the Lift, Gamma and Gain controls on the Resolve interface do not maintain color balance
•Addressed an issue that could cause a machine freeze
•Addressed instability when undoing ‘Decompose in place’
•General performance and stability improvements



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