Apple Motion 视频制作软件基础训练学习教程 Lynda – Motion 5.3 Essential Training

2017.1.12 Motion 5/教程 3433


Apple Motion 是苹果电脑上的一款优秀的视频编辑制作软件, 专为视频编辑人员而设计,它是一款强大的运动图形工具,可让您轻松、实时创建影院级别的 2D 和 3D 字幕、流畅的转场和逼真的效果。

此套教程为最新版 Motion 5.3 软件的基础训练学习教程,



Discover how to create and design dynamic motion graphics projects using Apple Motion. In this course, Ian Robinson teaches you all the tools and techniques you need to get up and running with Motion 5.3 for the first time, or master its finer points. Find out how to stabilize footage, create accurate green-screen keys, and apply retiming effects to slow down, speed up, loop, and reverse clips. Learn how to generate custom animated elements from scratch using Motion’s generators, shapes, and particles. Explore how to animate in 3D space with 2D graphics and build true 3D type. Discover how to animate virtual cameras, add realistic blur and depth of field, and create a new sense of dimension with light and shadow. Plus, learn how to save time by creating templates, ensure your footage looks its best using the optimum compression settings, and archive projects for safekeeping.


Topics include:

  • Adding video
  • Creating shapes and 2D types
  • Importing files
  • Applying behaviors
  • Animating type and graphics
  • Applying filters to video
  • Creating a match move
  • Masking and compositing
  • Adding lights
  • Creating 3D type
  • Creating particle systems
  • Animating cameras
  • Exporting and sharing Motion projects



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