FCPX 插件:三维空间环境制作(2D转3D)Pixel Film Studios – PROWORLD

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FCPX 插件:三维空间环境制作(2D转3D)Pixel Film Studios – PROWORLD



Pixel Film Studios  公司最新出品的FCPX插件:三维空间环境制作(2D转3D)Pixel Film Studios – PROWORLD,




插件适用于 Mac OS X 平台:(苹果电脑)Final Cut Pro X 或 Motion 5 软件。


PROWORLD™ – 3D Environment Creator for FCPX

Final Cut Pro X users can turn their 2D HDRI images into 360° viewing area with PROWORLD™ from Pixel Film Studios™. This plugin allows editors to map an HDRI or Skybox texture onto a 3D environment in FCPX. PROWORLD™ also gives users the ability to add text, logos, or keyed footage to their 3D world.


Create a 3D Skybox

Skybox Imaging is a popular method for creating seamless 3 dimensional environments that feel larger than they really are. With PROWORLD™, Final Cut Pro X editors can use 6 images to create a skybox that can be viewed from any angle.

Create an HDRI Projection

Photo spheres allows photographers to create a 360° viewing experience out of a single still image. With PROWORLD™, Final Cut Pro X users can project an HDRI panoramic image onto a globe to create a seamless 3D photo sphere.

Control a 3D Camera

With the 3D camera in PROWORLD™ users can quickly and easily position and rotate their environment on all three axises. Then they can use the lens angle controls to give their world more depth in Final Cut Pro X.



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