Lynda – Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 Essential Training 全面教合集

分类: FCPX 教程 / 发布于2014-3-11
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Lynda - Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 Essential Training 全面教合集


国外 Lynda 教程机构出品教程总是那么迅速,在 Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 上市没多久,这又出来了新教程 Lynda – Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1 Essential Training 全面教合集。

在教程中讲解 Final Cut Pro X 新功能的编辑工具和方式,

从素材的整理,工程的建立,粗剪,精剪,音频处理,特效/调色处理,输出,等步骤来详细的剖析Final Cut Pro X 10.1.1,




* Understanding nonlinear editing 了解非线性编辑(非编)
* Creating, organizing and managing libraries and events 创建工程和管理素材
* Organizing footage with keywords and ratings 镜头的整理
* Playing and marking clips 打标记剪辑
* Performing Insert, Append, Overwrite, and Replace edits 了解剪辑模式(插入/添加/覆盖/替换)
* Moving and removing clips 剪辑操作
* Trimming in the timeline: performing ripple, roll, slip and slide edits 时间线的功能操作
* Working with connected clips and multiple storylines 剪辑的讲解
* Adjusting audio levels, EQ, and more 音频操作
* Performing a multicam edit 多机位剪辑
* Adding and animating video and audio effects 添加动画视频和音频效果
* Working with motion effects, speed effects, titles, themes, and generators 特效讲解
* Performing primary and secondary color correction 初级/二级调色
* Importing and analyzing footage from multiple platforms 镜头分析
* Managing media and project data 管理素材和项目整理
* Sharing and exporting projects 共享/视频输出



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